Thursday, September 1, 2011

Product Review; "Sensai Bronzing Gel SPF 6"

Though my Hispanic skin easily takes color, being covered from head-to-toe for the upcoming Winter months will forbid even the most remote opportunity to receive a bit of natural light. And while I’m not inclined to head for the tanning beds to resuscitate that bronze tone, the next best thing would be a bit of a disguise while my pasty flesh acclimates to the now retreating sunny weather.

Bronzing the body (arms, neck and legs) is difficult as this skin doesn’t really respond to makeup too well, but Sensai has formulated a bronzer that wears lightly without transferring to any amount of layers I'll be wearing when the snow starts falling. Sensai Bronzing Gel contains ingredients like 70% Distilled Water and Macademia Nut Oil that permeates the top layers of skin for color that shows like your own complexion, and won’t rub off on clothing.

Take a small dollop of product into the palm of your hand, apply directly to moisturized skin and watch it dissipate away leaving no shine or shimmer behind – just hydrated, warmly tinted flesh ready for exposure. Any residue on palms would be great for patting over cheeks, forehead and neck to create continuous color and uniformity. The tone and texture are also so light they are easily blended into foundation or even tinted moisturizer if you feel like having the slightest bit of color perk.

Even if you’re not going to be stripping down to a tiny bikini come Springtime, you should still treat newly exposed skin to a bit of color. Besides, who wouldn’t prefer a summer-sun-kissed glow to the shock of winter-white?

Sensai Bronzing Gel; $40.00

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