Thursday, September 1, 2011

Product Review; "Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs"

First impression; Medium Glow is far too orange for me. I began thinking, "another failure of a self tanner". Not a fair assumption, I'll admit it.

Besides, Sally Hansen products have always been among some of my mainstays. So I sat around with it then ran some errands in the neighborhood. No one seemed to notice and soon I became embroiled with my tasks and forgot I had it on myself. It wasn't until I was swatching some lipsticks on the back of my hand that I realized the colors weren't looking like I expected them to. Obviously because there was a thin layer of Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs beneath them.

Ideally for legs, this colorful mist is appropriate on all body parts (save for face) but can apply kind of thick if you use it any less than 8 inches from skin. However, it covers impeccably and provides luminosity with very little transfer and is a favorite among dancers and other stage performers. After applying, you can either let it sit or use hands to rub it in until it dries down to a stain that holds even against wet weather conditions.

On set, I found that it photographed really well giving the camera a chance to capture long highlighted lines without glaring shine. And fortunately for me, there are 3 other colors to choose from for when I get models of varying skin tones. Light Glow would be ideal for adding hints of coverage to medium-fair to medium skin tones, while Tan Glow is great for medium-deep to deep skin tones. But I found that the golden undertones as well as red undertones of very-deep complexions works really well with Deep Glow even if it does add a bit of darkness to the overall look. Especially if, instead of coverage, I just want a bit of a highlight... ya know what, now that I think about it, I don't think Medium Glow would be too orange for them.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs; $13.99

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