Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Product Review; "Australian Scent Intensive Wrinkle Therapy"

When I get to work with athletes, it's like being in the presence of mythological gods. Their talent is so remarkable, you almost forget they can have concerns just as human as the rest of us.

Recently on a shoot with global soccer stars, before I had a chance to look her in the eye, one of the talent voiced a concern over her dry skin. After finishing a cycle of acne medication, she was left with flakiness that threatened to disrupt her upcoming wedding plans not to mention the photo shoot we were now prepping for. Immediately I thought about my buddies at Australian Scent who designed their star product "Balm of Gilead" to soothe the founders eczema. Though, as luck would have it, I recently acquired, and added to my kit, their Intensive Wrinkle Therapy.

Armed with all the botanical essential oils that you would come to expect like Shea Butter and Almond Oil this amped up concoction has a heaping dose of omega rich fatty acids that absorbs immediately into troubled skin mellowing out irritation and making trouble spots more supple to touch.

Taking a liberal dollop of the potent formula (half the size of a dime) onto a foundation brush, I smoothed it over her skin in the most troublesome areas then blended out over high-points and around the jawline. Then I asked her to go to hair and come back when done. Quizzically, she complied. Minutes later when she returned, the mirror gave clear explanation of my reasoning.

The standard amount of product needed is about the tip of your finger, but by using a larger dose and letting it sit for a while, the blend absorbed mostly into skin and released flakes from clinging while improving overall tone. With the same brush, I then massaged the skin to induce circulation and absorb any residual into rough patches then lightly applied foundation and concealer like normal.

The small amount of prep created a softer canvas and with extended use, the decadent ingedients like Frankinscense, Green Tea, and Evening Primrose will soften lines, reverse detrimental conditions and protect from further enviornmental foes. Knowing her big day was coming up soon, I offered her the decadent gold jar, curing any further woes about her skin condition.

Consider it an offering to the gods.

Australian Scent Intensive Wrinkle Therapy; $58.00

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