Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Friend or Foe?; "Perspectives"

A colleague asked me once; "What colors should I wear? No one likes it when I wear makeup."

So...? One of my favorite quotes from drag superstar Rupaul has always been;

"What other people think of me, is none of my business."

But when asked by clients what they should wear, my opinion on the matter tends to shift. If only slightly to suit the very different circumstances. For instance, when called on for red carpet functions where pictures are going to be taken to be devoured by the tabloid press and the tabloid purchasing public, my answer to "what should I wear?" is the reason I have a job.

Though, we're talking about a collaboration with a hairstylist, a fashion stylist, a publicist, a manager, and the talent. We look at dresses, we talk location, then logistics. All to create that one perfect moment that can be captured for posterity. But regardless of the tremendous amount of prep that goes into the final look, someone, somewhere will... not... like... it.

It doesn't matter how perfectly lined lips are, how immaculately blended eyes smoke, or how high profile the event may be, there's gonna be some journalist (or blogger) destined to hate it. HATE it. Most of the time, it's nothing more than a personal attack. But sometimes, I don't like to admit it, they can be a little bit on point.

There have been times when I'll be asked to mimic certain looks. Ones torn out of a beauty magazine or even freeze-framed on a television screen. Sometimes, I think, "yea, that could totally work". And sometimes I'm not so affirmative. Personally, I have an aesthetic that I like to stick to, but in the end, I'm here to make clients happy. So on occasion, I've applied bigger than average lashes, slightly too dark bronzers and overly frosted lipgloss.

Though these may not be my favored methods, does it really matter in the end? Sure, I may not be too enthused, but the client digs it. And if she's digging it, she's feeling it which makes her work it. And that kind of confidence is what really sells the overal look.

Even if someone decides to diss it, does it really matter? It could be the start of a new trend. Remember when teased hair held it's place as the epitomy of style and elegance? I bet most of ya'll who rocked that style look back and laugh.

But nothing has really changed aside from the general viewpoint on such styles. They still exist and are easily brushed aside. So, if you're heading the supermarket and you feel like rocking a shocking blue eyeliner winged out to your temples, I say do it. It shouldn't matter if anyone likes it, as long as you do.

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