Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tales from the Beard...

I opted to continuously grow facial hair after my most recent trip to Touch-Ups Barbershop. Though Luis is a masterful artisan when it comes to whipping a straight razor across my scalp, I felt as though it was time to step away from my usual high-and-tight even for just a short amount of time.

At first, the scruff developing around my crown, above my lip and down my jawline had that sexy, 5 o'clock shadow thing that itched a bit but was worth the trouble when it came to slacker-chic. But a few days in I realized maintanence was becoming more necessary. Around the edges of my ears and just around my sideburns were easily scaled back with my CONAIR Men's 2-Blade Trimming System as well as just over the ridges of my top lip. A bit of slight fixers didn't seem to do much to change the shape of my face, but did keep it looking more scruffy than mangy.

At dinners, events and bookings, no one seemed to really take too much notice since it's not uncommon to see a fresh haircut grow out. However, I did keep from too many (what I call) "fashion kisses". You know what I mean;

"Darling, how are you! Muah! Muah!".

Too much face to face contact could result in surface burn; my burgeoning stubble might end up causing rashes. Fortunately, I'm a master at the air-kiss.

But a few weeks in, those same looks eventually evolved into quizzical stares. Though not the hairiest of dudes, my face and head do possess the rapid growth rivaled only by Chia Pets so pretty soon, I was sporting more than just sexy scruff. Usually when I get this far in, I reach for my Wahl Peanut Hair Trimmer to keep lengths more tidy looking, but the notion of a full, dense, manly beard became too consuming and I opted to nix that breadth of upkeep.

Instead, I managed to keep stray or even unruly patches of hair under control by rubbing a bit of Bumble and Bumble Sumo Wax through it and brushing it into place using a plastic hand comb that I could fit into my pocket and (discreetly) whip out anytime I felt I needed some quick clean-up. Or to remove anything that may have strayed into the now consuming beard that has become such a prominent form of my wardrobe.

The only problem I've seen with having a beard is that it really doesn't have much versatility in the "growing" stage. While nothing much can be done to change the shape, scope or degree of growth aside from shaving or trimming, I've grown curious to find out what happens when left to it's own growth cycle. If I go a few more weeks, will it curve? Will it lighten? Will it get long enough to braid?

I guess that short amount of time will have to be extended a bit longer to find out. Sorry Luis. be continued.

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