Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Product Review; "Nicka K HD Eyeshadow"

Available at any local beauty supply, including the one on my block, New York based cosmetics firm Nicka K is one of those brands I am accustomed to seeing but rarely think of as a destination. "Why" seems to elude me. Particularly with pricepoints that rarely induce sticker shock.

Nicka K HD Eyeshadow is a very smooth feeling powder product that has a slight, well, not moist feel, but almost creamy texture. It applies easily with a brush of any fiber be it synthetic or natural hair and can also double as a subtle highlighter if used sparingly. Some tones are available in lighter reflective formulas but most are very shimmery with denser flakes than a finer milled department store brand. Though, not such a bad thing, these shadows are perfect for using as a base before you begin creating dimension in the crease or a smokier effect.

The base ingredients are Paraffinum Liquidum which creates that smooth feel and Kaolin that dries out any excess moisture to keep the pigments in place. Added to the mix, of course, are the usual color makers Titanium Dioxide and Iron Oxide.

Unfortunately, there are a few more items in the recipe that aren't so great for staying power but for the most part, I appreciate them for the color options, layering benefits and opportunity for a bit of experimentation. Especially when it comes to price, the investment is surely worth paying attention next time I head to the beauty supply store.

Nicka K HD Eyeshadow; $1.49

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