Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Product Review; "KohGenDo Cosmetics Maifanshi Moisture Foundation"

Supremely weightless and even more invisible, Koh Gen Do's star product Maifanshi Moisture Foundation was created to look like a cream foundation with the texture of a liquid.

Utilizing a ratio of 60% water, 30% highly refined oils and 10% powder, this unique blend of ingredients harmonizes the effects of traditional makeup into a chilled souffle-like texture that dissapears on contact with skin. In it's wake you find a slightly dewy yet satin-like finish that cleverly disguises uneven patches and blurs signs of wrinkles and darkness. All this with little-to-no texture... or less. Much like the feel of a tinted moisturizer, you'd almost suspect there were no product resting on your skin if you applied it all over with wild abandon.

Best used with a foundation brush, apply to half your face and see for yourself the dramatic change in tone, texture and luminosity your skin possesses without even remotely looking like you have anything on at all. The chilled sensation from the water will melt into your skin leaving the emollients Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Aloe Leaf Juice to hold together 2 kinds of powder properties that both fill lines and filter light to create smoother-feeling and smoother-looking complexions.

However, coverage is not complete. Though it does create a tremendous improvement in the look of all skin types, be they dry or oily, you will get only medium coverage from this foundation. Which is actually quite enough. Since it weighs so lightly on skin, it's perfect for sweltering Summer heats and will protect skin during frigid Winters without compromising finish or luminosity. But if you still feel as though you need more coverage, you can set it with a foundation powder, mineralized powder or even concealer and foundation without breaking the integrity of the product.

Though I caution you, do this in small steps. Since you get such immediate perfection, adding other products can easily look heavy. Remember, on it's own, you get the coverage of a cream, the texture of a liquid and the tone of effortless perfection.

KohGenDo Cosmetics Maifanshi Moisture Foundation; $49.60

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