Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Product Review; Clean and Clear Advantage Popped Pimple Relief Gel Pen"

Why would you pop a pimple?

No, seriously, why?


Well, even though you know you SHOULDN'T... I guess if the deed is done, you may as well try to lessen the damage. Fortunately it's Clean and Clear to the rescue!

Clean and Clear Advantage Popped Pimple Relief Gel Pen, a gel based fluid with a whopping 2% Salicylic Acid, a potent BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid), delves just deep enough into postules and removes any and all bacteria that causes inflammation, redness and irritation. The result is skin that is relieved, relaxed and more apt to replenish healthier cells for a smoother complexion.

The applicator tip is rubberized in a slant position that cups over marks to deliver just enough product to null inflamed skin and the wind-up wand clicks into position keeping you from over-use. Of course, if you did happen to use too much, the formula won't over-irritate skin since it dissipates rather quickly. I found that it's best after bathing when the surface is most supple and if you tap the affected areas just after moisturizing, you can keep sensitive skin from over-drying.

As an added benefit, the formula also boasts Citric Acid and Portulaca Oleracea Extract, two more effective anti-inflammatories used in the prevention of postules. Which means you can use this product on areas you think you may potentially develop pimples. Then you won't have to pop them... because you know you shouldn't.

Clean and Clear Advantage Popped Pimple Relief Gel Pen; $6.99

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