Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Product Review; "Benefit Cosmetics CORALista Blush"

When I'm considering a blush, I almost always consider the color the way I would consider the color of a concealer. Even though Benefit Cosmetics offers multiple shades of their boxed blushes and bronzers, CORALista Blush has the kind of agreeable finish that masks imperfections and highlights bone structure.

Though "coral" is right in the title, this blush reads as a rosy pink in the box and can seem a bit too bold for novice makeup enthusiasts. Using the accompanying brush, made of natural hair bristles, to "... sweep blush lightly across the apples of your cheeks, starting from your hairline and working in" blurs the vividness of the shade and defines the contours of your cheek. While the remnant of product over the apples will create a flush that romantically frames the face.

I've found that it looks pretty much the same over every skin tone from very-light to medium-dark since it has a large dose of Mica in the formula that creates a glowing sheen that almost fades away imperfections and bouncing light to the highpoints of cheeks.

Used just after powder and before any other blush shade will mask any ruddiness or uneven skin tones and make skin glow in even difficult lighting situations. Almost like a deflector that manipulates angles to mask anything you don't want to be seen. Just like a concealer.

Benefit Cosmetics CORALista Blush; $28.00

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