Monday, July 18, 2011

Product Review; "Clinique M Protect SPF 21"

I tend to recommend a tinted moisturizer when skin tones need to be evened out and could use the benefits of hydration with sun protection. However subtle the coverage, it does seem to help improve the look and feel of skin though Clinique has taken the liberty of making a hydrating and sun protective lotion that improves skin tone, without the aide of coverage.

M Protect has multiple moisturizing properties that easily glide over complexions while the SPF factor protects against harmful UV rays. Even as slight an amount as 21 may seem, a daily SPF is crucial to keep skin from incurring the kind of damage received from everyday sun exposure. Whether it's walking outside to run errands or running in and out of the office, staying guarded is always best.

Fortunately, not only does it protect, but the hydration factor is pretty remarkable when it comes to addressing repair. Using emollients like Sunflower Oil to coat damaged skin, M Protect also has a nice helping of Cucumber Extract, Barley Extract and Algae Extract to soothe irritated skin and provide some antioxidant protection.

The irony of these ingredients is that they aren't intense so they're great at keeping the minerals of an SPF from looking too thick and giving that tell-tale white glow on skin that screams "I have cream on". You get the benefits of hydration and sun protection that will keep skin looking and feeling healthy and, with daily use, will keep it from incurring any further damage. All this, without coverage.

Clinique M Protect SPF 21; $23.00

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