Friday, July 1, 2011

Field Trip; "NORY Make-Up Studio"

I had been coaxed into going to Brooklyn to meet with a client and his restauranteur buddy for an evening of private label 10 year old bourbon and all the tapas I could shovel in my mouth. Settled on 3rd avenue in the area known as Bay Ridge, Vela Restaurant would prove to be an excellent diversion and much needed release after having regretably wandered into NORY Make-Up Studio.

Also on 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge between 93rd and 92nd streets, this small boutique has a full window-front display peering into the location with a view of it's products and what seems to be a designated makeup station. I noticed immediately the cases within showing an array of products and thought I'd take a peek inside. Once I entered, I was greeted with odd stares and an abrupt, "Can I help you?". Though I understand that my tall and (what has been described to me as) masculine facade can seem a bit out of place, I simply responded with, "I've never seen your brand before". Intrigue still fresh, I walked over to a counter of compacts and lipsticks and asked, " are you only available here?".

Mixed responses from the 3 sales people sitting in a cluster engaged in conversation, I only heard one voice loudly exclaim,

"Why? Are you in need of some makeup?! (laughs)".

Stunned at her response, I stood facing her and said, "yes, I'm a makeup artist" to which she replied,

"You don't LOOK like a makeup artist!".

Now fully shocked, I tried to keep my composure and give her the opportunity to regain the conversation, but the snickering behaviour had pretty much ruined any interest I might have had remaining and to be perfectly honest, I had noticed something that made me lose any remnant completely.

The packaging of NORY's products are a whitish silver tin that felt really flimsy. A compact I picked up, I noticed scuffed very easily and looked similar to that of a prototypical branding I had been introduced to years ago called Your Name Cosmetics; a branding production line offered to salons who want to have their own products without formulation.

Basically, it's generic. Sort of like those bags of cereal at the grocery store called Marshmallow Mateys®. Sure, they look like Lucky Charms®... but they ain't.

I'd like to go into detail about ingredient listings and product details, but after being spoken to with such incredible disrespect, I simply turned, said "thank you" and walked right out the door without looking back.

I continued on down 3rd avenue still feeling offended when I was stopped on the street by a colleague sitting outside the Little Cupcake Bakeshop. She offered me a cupcake (delicious, btw) having noticed how upset I was. "What are you doing in Brooklyn?", she asked.

"Certainly not shopping at NORY Makeup Studio", I answered.

NORY Make-Up Studio
9216 3rd Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11209

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