Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Working the Poll; "Public Makeup Artist"

I take the 1 train everyday into Manhattan to get to clients, gigs, bookings, meetings, pretty much everything. Generally bright and (way too) early.

Often, I get the opportunity to view some interesting morning rituals, none more entertaining than women putting their makeup on. Should I interject? I mean, I won't... ever. But should I?

I've seen foundation mismatches, mascara blobs, blush streaks and the use of FINGERS. I rarely use my bare hands to apply makeup as a prevention against contamination, but I've seen ladies reach for the subway rails and then go right into their concealer. Bleh.

Added to the "ichk"-factor, there's the obvious bump and tumble of the train's movement as well as the opportunity for bumps from fellow passengers that can result in some major corneal damage. Sure it's funny watching someone slip and get lipgloss on their chin, but I'd rather not see anyone gouged by a mascara wand.

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