Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Working the Poll; "Product Loyalty"

As technologies continue to develop, many skincare, haircare and makeup products will see their lives come to an abrupt end in the years to come. Many consumers will find this irritating, others will ask "why?!" and a small few will throw a fit in the middle of a department store.

Personally, I only like using one (sometimes two) skincare products and get a little perturbed when I forget to have a back-up in my closet... ya know, just in case. Still, I'll try pretty much anything. Since it's my job to try many products, I always look at them as objectively as possible, but can't help but compare them to my favorites.

Even if there seems to be "better" ingredients or more enticing packaging, I'll stray only for the amount of time it takes me to gauge how effective the formula actually is. Often times, I'll find that it is indeed pretty awesome and the bottle is beautiful to behold, but I've already met my skin-mate.

As distracting as that gorgeous casing may be, your formula is no match for my faves. And though I may stray from time to time, I never go too far for too long.

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