Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Product Review; "Ready To Wear Lash Extension"

The last purchase I made from HSN was the amazing Beautifully Baked Collection from cosmetics firm Ready To Wear Beauty. After falling in love with their powder, I have now moved on to swoon over Lash Extension; a cellulose fiber product that is added to mascara for length you have to experience to believe. When I saw it demonstrated on the telecast, I thought I was watching a magic trick and had to rewind the show to watch it again to cement the step-by-step process into my mind

Simply take your regular mascara, any kind at all, and do a simple swipe on your lashes. Then, you take Lash Extension and coat it from the top and underneath and finally, one more coat of mascara to seal it together. The natural cellulose fibers grab onto mascara and stretch out beyond it's scope creating length, length and length. Each swipe of Lash Extension extends your lashes out so you could go crazy and do multiple coats for ridiculous amounts of length and volume for both the upper and lower lash lines.

Of course, if you use a volumizing or thickening mascara, you get even more impact, but I found that reaching for a clear mascara works just as well and gives the illusion of strong, long naked lashes. Using the exact same process, you get a flutter that looks like a gift of genetics that opens up eyes for a no-makeup-makeup-look. Particularly useful for skipping out on false lashes and glue, Lash Extension comes clean away with regular makeup remover and gives actual false lashes a bit of competition.

Though I may keep my box of falsies handy just in case, when someone asks me for fuller, longer lashes, the innovative technology of Lash Extension will always be on my mind.

Ready To Wear Lash Extension; $22.50

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