Saturday, June 18, 2011

Product Review; "NARS Powder Foundation"

A powder product that feels smooth to the touch, NARS Cosmetics offers up a coverage powder that finishes matte without looking dry.

NARS Powder Foundation is not only light-weight, but using a brush finishes with a vague velvet texture. Not necessarily with a sheen so much as with an almost supple texture. The formula has in it the usual suspects like Titanium Dioxide and Talc, but is milled so thin the ingredients don't have time to congeal and become dense even when introduced to an oily complexion.

Ideal for the Summer months, you can use it in conjunction with a tinted moisturizer, spot concealer or alone for a weightless finish. With the included sponge tapped over T-zone and over cheeks you get more dense coverage that picks up excess moisture and is surprisingly easy to blend provided you don't get too crazy with product.

Touch-ups are easy to address with either a brush or sponge and usually don't require much more application of product. Simply pull any additional moisture up with blotting film and see skin return to it's initially prepped state; a clean, smooth finish that looks like perfect skin, never dry.

NARS Powder Foundation; $45.00

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