Saturday, June 18, 2011

Product Review; "MAC Pro Longwear Concealer"

I usually like to reach for thinned out coverage products that make skin look more luminescent or mimic how fresher, hydrated, smoother complexions would look. In general, choosing colors to offset the existing tone involves a lot of neutralizing tricks as most full-coverage products (that match skin exactly) can seem a bit too thick or heavy. Often times, truer pigments in MAC foundations do me this service well, but finally, I have a formula that feels weightless without sacrificing coverage.

Pro Longwear Concealer is a light-weight fluid that reads colour-true; on skin, this product looks exactly as it looks in the bottle. When you do a swatch on cheek or chin, you'll find that you get maximum buildable coverage from very little product. Ideal for camoflauging prominent discoloration like undereye areas and acne spots, you can dab this formula with a sponge or brush, and set it with powder or leave it be. The watery consistency holds for only a moment before drying down to a semi-matte finish that will last up to 15 hours. No seriously. Even if you don't set it with powder, you'll get at least 12 hours of wear without budging.

After it's dried down, you can dab a tiny bit more product for additional coverage without building weight. Though the formula may not be right for very dry complexions, by prepping with moisturizer, you'll find that you get a smoother application. Though, if you over-hydrate, it'll sheer out the coverage and wear like a neutralizing product. I won't be going down that road again.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer; $16.50

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