Saturday, June 18, 2011

Product Review; "MAC Cremeblend Blush"

Best known for rich colors, MAC Cosmetics is also notorious for having some dense formulas. Though possibly unwarranted, that reputation can usually be attributed to a poor application method.

I have before opted for formulas that dry down a bit more satin-finish and have little to no texture but have found over time that a "thicker" product wears longer with color that is much more vivid. Fortunately, MAC Cremeblend Blush may feel a bit denser to the touch, but when it hits cheeks, it melts away and blends effortlessly with fingertips or a sponge.

Gently tapped over the apples of cheeks, continue to move the product even after the texture has dissipated to get it to completely become one with skin. Since the base ingredients have a blend of emollients like cocoa butter, avocado oil and mango seed butter, you get pigment and texture that nourishes skin creating beneficial hydration with just a tinge of luminosity.

Ironically this formula, which is ideal in Winter months when chapped cold air can dry skin out, is great in the Summertime when less and less foundation products are used. Just a bit of Cremeblush, though slightly rich, is great for perking up complexions without creating obvious texture. Available in an array of colors from pinches of pink to full on bronze, you can use it to create structure to skin and make cheekbones more prominent. As long as you blend it properly, of course.

MAC Cremeblend Blush; $19.50

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