Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Product Review; "L'Oreal Magic Perfecting Base"

I never touch skin with my bare hands.

I think it's something I picked up from traveling around on the subways and being worried I might unintentionally smear New York City on a clients face along with her foundation. I've found that I don't really need to either, particularly when I have a great supply of brushes to choose from.

L'Oreal offers many things to suit your makeup needs, but brushes aren't one of them and when it came to their Magic Perfecting Base, I think I understand why. This souffle-like texture is creamy and soft to the touch and glides on with fingertips like a second skin. In the jar, the product reminds me of a satin pillow on Valentine's day but once dipped and massaged on face, it goes completely transparent leaving only a perfectly matte finish.

I did actually try to use it with a foundation brush and found that it beaded up and spread fairly uneven especially around the eye area. It wasn't until I took my ring finger and tapped it out that I realized that the formula melted down from the heat and smoothed out without any further effort. When I layered a cream foundation on top of it (with a brush) there was little need for touching up as I didn't need as much product; the base made coverage and blending all the more soft and even. On guys, I even noticed that it kept oil at bay and the subsequent shine under control.

I guess now I rarely touch skin with my hands.

L'Oreal Magic Perfecting Base; $12.99

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