Saturday, June 18, 2011

Product Review; "INGLOT Matte Eyeshadows"

INGLOT Cosmetics offers something called "The Freedom System", an opportunity I discovered at their Chelsea location that affords me the choice of building my own palletes of colors and textures. Recently, among the broad spectrum of bright, richly pigmented shimmer tones, they released a line of matte textures available in a 40 well pallete that impress just as much as their shimmery counterparts.

INGLOT Matte Eyeshadows are exceptionally creamy. I say that knowing the obvious contradiction; a dry texture that feels creamy? Yes, indeed they do.

Ridiculously soft to the touch, each powder shadow releases easily onto brushes with little to no agitation, making it easy to over-swipe product. Once applied to skin, they adhere easily with surprisingly little fallout whether or not you've gotten a bit overzealous. Over eyes, whether skin is prepped or not, you'll find rich flat pigment that blends easily alone or in conjunction with other shadows. If eyes have a hint of a priming base, foundation or even eye cream the colors show even richer even with very little applied.

The tones come in choices of vivid yellows, rich pinks, dense violets or complimentary neutral tones that read almost exactly as they seem in the tin. Available as single packaged tins or in palletes of 2-40, prices will range accordingly. Fortunately, it seems that the more you purchase, the larger the pallete you can get and the lower the price goes. Feel free to load up on mattes or purchase a larger pallete to accomodate your existing shimmer tones.

INGLOT Matte Eyeshadows; $4.50-$12.00

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