Saturday, June 18, 2011

Product Review; "CONAIR Men's 2-Blade Trimming System"

There are very few moments when men actually find it necessary to take care in how they look. Particularly without the right tools and especially when they're not easily portable.

I don't really own many grooming products from CONAIR, though they do seem to make some of the more reliable ones as is evident from my Men's 2-Blade Trimming System. This pocket sized trimmer, only slightly bigger than a permanent marker, has the power to erradicate errant hairs and fuzz around the nape of the neck and hairline without any drag or nics. An easy tool to keep handy in your gym bag or medicine cabinet, it operates on 1 AAA battery and uses minimum power for quick touch-ups.

In the kit, there is also a comb attachment that can be used for cleaning up moustaches, sideburns and even nosehairs. Yea, pretty much any hair that is where it shouldn't be can be literally brushed aside quickly and gently with no need for shaving cream. The buzzing action is so minute, it picks up hair that you don't see and is sensitive enough for earlobes, over cheekbones, and other more... sensitive areas... should you be so inclined. I particularly like to use it around eyebrows to make them look more ruly without having to bust out a razor that can create more aggressive lines.

Multi-purpose on all counts and portable to boot, there's no more reason to go without cleaning up a bit. The right portable tool for men to have for that rare moment when they do take care of how they look.

CONAIR Men's 2-Blade Trimming System; $11.99

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