Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Product Review; "Bumble and Bumble Sumo Wax"

The authority on healthy-looking hair, Bumble and Bumble has designed a dense wax that melts to the touch and coats each follicle with a light yet pliable hold. Boasting a semi-glossy finish, it is applied to barely dampened hair to maintain a sheen to any and all styles while keeping them firmly in place.

Sumo Wax has a really thick, almost candle-wax feel to it right out of the pot, but once a dollop has been rubbed between palms, it melts down to a creamy paste that is slick to the touch and easily smoothed over short styles or stretched over shoulder length hair. If you don't feel like putting in the work, it's recommended that you take a blow-drier and hold it over the top of an open jar to heat up the wax before applying, but either way, the finish is just as alluring.

Ideally, I have found myself using this for short/blunt cuts that are prone to a bit of frizziness. On clean hair, and after coating palms with warm product, I tussle small groupings of strands with my finger tips and work around the crown of the head until it's all pretty much standing on end. Then I rub my palms over the back and sides to distribute any excess. Once every portion of hair is coated, you can style with a brush or smooth out, then shake under a blow-drier to create any shape that will hold fast once it's cooled down. Guys with finer hair will need no further products for a look that will hold all day but I do recommend that guys with thicker locks hit their complete look with some hairspray as an insurance policy.

But Bumble and Bumble does recommend you use the least amount of product possible since it will keep stretching the more you touch it. Too much product (more than a dime-size) will start looking a bit greasy. It'd be wise to listen to the authorities.

Bumble and Bumble Sumo Wax; $25.00


Anonymous said...

this is awesome! i've been looking for a product for the hubs. he's currently using tigi's bed head manipulator but is in the market to try out something new.
thanks for this review.

Legend Rivera said...

Definitely give it a try, much more of a multi-tasker.

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