Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Product Review; "Alba Botanica Kona Coffee After-Sun Lotion"

I went for a walk yesterday. Been indoors for the last week trying to nurse a cough that persisted even after sunshine and the accompanying heat had banished the strangest flow of rain this "Summer" has had to offer. I forget sometimes that there's a period of adjustment you need to take into consideration before baring pale Winter flesh to strong Summer heat.

I realized the sun was beating down on my skin, but it wasn't until I went back indoors that I noticed what a lack of proper sunscreen was about to inflict. Fortunately, for the absent-minded sun worshipper, Alba not only makes an excellent lip balm, they also have in their arsenal Kona Coffee After-Sun Lotion; a potent antioxidant formula designed to repair, revitalize and soothe sun-scorched skin.

A blend infused with macademia nut oil, shea butter and kukui oil to drench skin in moisture also bears antioxidants like kona coffee and caffeine to invigorate damaged skin into repair. Applied topically over affected areas, it has a distinct, yet light, aroma that lingers throughout the day remminiscent of creamy coffee without the bitterness. Personally, I'm not into scented lotions, but this one actually has a calming quality to it that makes applying it all the more luxurious. Though full of essential oils and extracted moisturizers, you'll find there is no greasy or sticky feel and it absorbs only after a few moments.

An hour after I applied it to my shoulders, arms, legs and head (just got my hair cut), I found that redness was fading, the heat had died down and there was an obvious suppleness that refused any kind of drying or flaking usually associated with sunburn. A little is great to calm irritation and any kind of "burn" but feel free to slather it everywhere including the face on a daily basis. Applying before sun exposure (and sunscreen) would be ideal for a walk around the neighborhood. You never know when the rain might break up.

Alba Botanica Kona Coffee After-Sun Lotion; $11.95

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