Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Essentials; Men's Grooming

My father used to threaten me that if I didn't clean my room, he'd take away my Nintendo system. I started reading more.

There's a certain stubborness when it comes to guys handling cleanliness. Particularly in regards to their own bodies. Women seem to be more concious of appearing primped, put-together and groomed from head to toe. Though, major fussiness isn't necessarily the appropriate approach, there is something to be learned from the fairer sex.

From handshakes to hugs, a strong, firm grip is the single most important trait a man can have to assert himself and get noticed. But strong shouldn't translate to rough, though manicures can be easily bypassed given you have some of the major players in the process. Sephora's dual nail buffer pushes back cuticles, grinds down jagged edges and buffs out all imperfections creating smoothed fingertips that look strong and welcome to touch ($5.00). Once buffed, Healing Hands Cream from FACE Stockholm coats hands in dense moisture that absorbs into skin making rough patches disappear and that firm embrace all the more inviting ($22.00).

Shaving is one of the first things guys think of when it comes time for looking good. If you prefer a scruffier, yet tidy, facade try the Lithium Ion All-In-One Trimmer from Wahl. It has multiple attachments for trimming, clipping, buzzing nose-hairs and particularly for cleaning up sideburns and fuzzy hairlines on the back of necks. Especially if you can't make it to the barber ($39.95). For a closer, more shorn look a standard razor like Schick Quattro glides over skin when prepped with Xotics Shave Therapy lotion from celebrity groomer Curtis Smith. Used on the likes of P. Diddy, this cream is rich in essential oils that soothes dry skin creating a slick surface that raises hairs for clean cuts and does double duty as a moisturizer. After rinsing just take a small dollop and rub over shaved area to calm any irritation and heal nics with no slick residue ($15.00).

Once clipped and cleaned, a little hair product will do wonders. The waxes in Dirt by JONATHAN Products are strong enough to tame stray hairs and create healthy shine but are low maintenance enough to be handled without a mirror. Taking a full fingertip sized sample and rubbing between palms breaks up the product and turns it into a milky balm that can be tussled into hair, beards and even eyebrows for desired styles that stay manageable through the evening($26.00). For a more permanent look, spritz Aquage Finishing Spray all over in a few quick bursts. The fast drying formula freezes hair into place with no dried out flaky finish and leaves only a bit of shine to mimic strong healthy hair. Plus, it's humidity resistant so there's no chance of major frizz out ($19.00).

Ya know, now that I think about it, my dad tends to be very concious of how he looks. Always has had pretty clean hands, shaves and hairstyles... I wonder what his dad threatened to take away from him.

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