Friday, May 27, 2011

Working the Poll; Too Much MakeUp

"Less is more" has always been my mantra when approaching everyday makeup looks. However, conversely, sometimes "more is less" on photoshoots or under certain photographic conditions. The irony is not lost on me.

Being a makeup artist and knowing the difference between creating a look for photo-shoots and one for a client's evening out is an important distinction not only to protect my reputation but that of my client's as well. Many a reporter or blogger will comment on how someone looks when they make a public appearance, but I've always thought about what their date will think.

Growing up around my sisters, cousins, aunts and all their friends shaped my opinion about makeup. Personally, I hated it. But mostly because these were women who were not shy about wearing it. I remember thinking, "why is your face a different color than your neck?", "That black stuff around your eyes is dripping" and "Bleh, don't kiss me please. My cheek will be sticky!".

Men notoriously love when women are dolled up, but rarely understand what goes into that process. Having learned more about the craft and pursued this profession, I totally get it now. Of course, with my previous familial experience, my approach to my job is a bit more cautious. Your date will thank me, I promise.

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