Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Product Review; "Ready To Wear Translucent Self Correcting Powder"


And not because Philippe Chansel, developer of Ready To Wear Beauty, is one of my dear friends and one of the best artists in the beauty business. What I'm truly infatuated with is the way this product wears so effortlessly on skin.

The Translucent Self Correcting Powder came as part of the Beautifully Baked Collection, along other new favorites, but stands out as being a go-to product when doing any kind of natural and light-weight looking makeup for ANY lighting situation. This product transitions easily from day to evening, runway to sidewalk. Use it alone as a touch up to create glow on cheekbones and reduce shine over t-zone or pair it with foundation of any coverage from sheer to full.

Baked on a terracotta tile and hand polished in Italy, this powder has the smoothest and luxurious application with no flakes or fall-out and leaves absolutely no seams on skin or tell-tale lines.

Coming in one tone to suit most shades of skin, this translucent powder actually does double duty as a sculpting powder for very fair complexions. Anyone in the range of olive complexions will find it a great illuminator and perfect for softening bronzing lines while those who have very light pink-tone complexions have found the perfect soft tinge of color that mimics a healthy flush.

Also great dusted over eyelids, shadows of any color will glide and blend with the greatest of ease. Or use it over lips before lipstick to make pouts look glowier and fuller. Not really much this powder can't do.


Ready To Wear Baked For Beauty Face Powder; $24.50

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