Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Product Review; "MAC Big Bounce Shadows"

The newest addition to the already impressive arsenal at MAC Cosmetics, this season brings us Big Bounce Shadows; a smooth, mousse-like textured eye color in a variety of shades.

Coming in a small glass pot, this watery-like substance reacts to the touch with a bounce-like effect that holds it's shape even when turned completely upside-down. Applied ideally with the 242 shadow brush and stippled as opposed to swiped over lids, you get a sheer wash of product that builds easily to medium coverage and can be paired with standard powder eyeshadows or set with transluscent powder. Though not entirely necessary, powder does seem to improve longevity of wear and colored powders do dim a bit of the natural shimmery effect.

With a tremedous amount of colors to choose from, feel free to mix and match to create your own shades or layer one over the other for multi-dimensional shine.

MAC Big Bounce Shadows; $16.50

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