Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Product Review; "Guerlain Ombre Eclat Base Paupieres"

Whenever I see a Guerlain compact, it always strikes me with a sense of awe. In the sense that they are some of the most decadent casings, though not always practical. Usually, I have to remind myself that it's really the formulas within that deserve the critique and not just the pretty box.

Ombre Eclat Base Paupieres is a priming base in one such compact that is designed to be swept over eyes after moisturizer and before eye color to ensure that your look lasts all day and night. Available in only one beige shade, this primer also boasts Vitamin E to revitalize skin. Composed mostly of emollients like Candelila Wax and Carnuaba Wax, it keeps skin soothed and hydrated throughout it's wear to prevent any additional aging or drying of the delicate eye area. Included in the compact is an applicator brush, but I found that it's best applied with fingers to warm up the product so it goes on a bit thinner. Ironically, for a primer, it's a bit thick and bunchy if not properly blended.

With a little prep work, I've found that this product lays on skin pretty well but performs best on eyes that are already fairly smooth and wrinkle-free. In some cases I've skipped the lids and placed it around the under-eye areas before concealer if the skin isn't too bunched or wrinkled either. And though I'm not sure I'll be reaching for it for just about every single one of my clients, the case and formula are still beautiful enough to warrant keeping it in my kit.

Guerlain Ombre Eclat Base Paupieres; $36.00

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