Monday, May 9, 2011

Breaking News!!; "Temporary Lip Tattoos"

When Jeff Haddad saw his daughters put temporary tattoos on their lips for a charity function, it became the basis for his new company Violent Lips. Offering temporary tattoos that can be fitted, molded and customized to your own pout, Violent Lips are temporary tattoos that exceed expectations from traditional lipstick.

Offered in multiple styles from "Pink Snake" to "Red Fishnet" these vitamin enriched applique's have about 4-8 hours wear time depending on skin-type and care and contain no animal by-product. The pigments are full coverage and should be measured and cut to your own natural lip shape to ensure maximum effect. The finishes are something like you would expect from a temporary tattoo but soon the line will be expanding into more festive ones when the "Glitteratti" collection is released.

You get 3 applications with every purchase for around $15.00 but each use is one time only. So technically, a bit more expensive than lipstick, but not nearly as inventive.

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