Monday, May 9, 2011

Breaking News!!; "Dungeons and Dragons Fragrance"

Dungeons and Dragons ("D&D" for you civilians) is a game of strategy mastered by only the top tier of intellectuals who have spent many a Friday night honing their craft in their mom's basement filling out their character cards without leaving Cheetos colored fingerprints. But what better opportunity to showcase that supreme mastery of the game than with a signature fragrance boasting essential oils that clearly define your character.

Be you Half-Elf (white sandalwood, beeswax, white tea leaf, and musk) or Rogue (black leather, hemp, and rosi) or Rogue Half-Elf (combine the two) there are limitless possibilities at The Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab that you can acclimate to suit. Choosing and blending these 5mL bottles ($17.50 each) of extract that follows your Race, Class and Alignment will allow you to specify your distinctive scent with your distinctive character. Best used once you've reached your desired status, feel free to purchase more than one as you advance or shift characters.

Easily distinguishable to the savviest of players, there shouldn't be much keeping you from swiping the keys to dad's Oldsmobile and hitting the bars. Have a hard time telling a potential mate you're a Level 15 Assasin in casual conversation? No need to be nervous, now you smell like one.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs
5mL Vials
$17.50 each

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