Thursday, April 21, 2011

Product Review; "FACE Stockholm Magic Wand Concealer"

In the tradition of "pen-like" concealers for under-eyes, FACE Stockholm offers a familiar product in it's Magic Wand Concealer but with a finished result that stands out from it's predecessors.

Using bonding agents like lecithin to create a soft, pliable and hydrating formula to soften lines and nourish skin, this concealer offers medium coverage in 4 tones to mask darkness and brighten complections overall. Apply with the included brush to banish dark circles, over the bridge of the nose and over cheekbones to highlight or around the lipline to create a sharp pout. You can even tap it over blemishes and let it set before blending to soften discoloration.

Even though it's made with purified water, I find the formula a bit drier than usual. Not "dry" so much as "drier". Though you still get a moist feel, it doesn't stay moist on skin, causing shifting or crinkling into fine lines. Perfect for quick touch ups that can be done in haste.

Unlike the more traditionally moist formulas out there, you'll find much more significant staying power. I'd stay that's enough to stand out from the rest.

FACE Stockholm Magic Wand Concealer; $32.00

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