Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Product Review; "Duralash Natural Knot-Free Lashes"

Already an industry staple, makeup artists have relied on Ardell for supplying consistent quality lashes in all forms, but the most popular in their repertoire have remained Duralash Naturals Knot-Free lashes. Perfect for where mascara proves to be too little and strip false lashes can prove to be too much.

Used as an accent on the outer corners or across the lash line, these tiny clusters, available in multiple sizes, are permanently curled, waterproof and practically weightless to create full, fluttery winks that are undetectable to close up gazes. Each individual cluster has a straight edge across the base holding together thin fibers securely without the need for tell-tale knotches.

What are knotches?

Generally, cluster lashes have little "dots" at the ends that gather all the fibers together and, up close, can look like... well, dots. When you run them across or on top of eachother, the result is a dotted line making it very obvious that that flutter is indeed artificial.

Getting rid of knotches completes the illusion of full, natural lashes that flirt with every blink. You can layer them here or there or build them one on top of another to get the biggest, fullest look possible. Without looking like too much, of course.

Duralash Natural Knot-Free Lashes; $3.00

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