Monday, April 11, 2011

Field Trip; "INGLOT Cosmetics Chelsea Market"

The Chelsea Market Concourse, located at 15th street and 9th avenue in New York City, is home to a wide variety of businesses from culinary fares and hard-to-find toiletry items to Food Network Studios and MLB Baseball Corporate offices. The ground floor is expansive, stretching across an entire city block, and houses many a gelato stand, specialty grocery, clothing boutique and bakeries. But if you inquire at the entrance near the elevators, you'll find access to an equally impressive space on the 5th floor selling a wide range of color cosmetics from Polish makeup firm, INGLOT Cosmetics.

Also located within the crowded masses of Times Square, INGLOT's newest location not only increases it's presence in the city, but also offers a wider range of services like event hosting, a photo studio and even a "mixing station" where you can create your own specially designed foundations, eye shadows, lipsticks and eyeliners. Though not visible from street level, the services offered make this location a destination for the more savvy consumer who wants to spend time with a salesperson in a no pressure enviornment.

Developed in Poland by chemist Wojtek Inglot, the brand boasts a huge array of colorful products available in what they've coined "the freedom system"; an opportunity to pick, place and match eyeshadows, lipsticks, concealers and other products into your own customizable palette. Free of excessive packaging, the products can be collected on magnetic boards at each station as a template for your final palette that fits anywhere from 5 to 40 items. With price points as low as $5 for lip, skin and eye products, you're likely to fill more than one board.

And just like any professional counter, sales people are available to assist in matching, coordinating and recommending tones to suit your look or even sit you down at one of the many makeup stations to try an entirely new one. Though unlike other counters, you'll find the time to experiment, ask questions or just wander about without having to deal with pushy street-level crowds. No wonder they hid this shop on the 5th floor.

INGLOT Cosmetics
Chelsea Market Concourse
5th floor

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