Monday, April 4, 2011

The Essentials; Eyeshadow

It's been said that "the eyes are the window to the soul". That kind of honour deserves some appropriate drapings.

Personally, I prefer the bright, wide-open, well-rested eye look to something overly dramatic and attention grabbing. But regardless of which look I'm going for, I almost always start by loading a large fluffy shadow brush with NARS Albatross Highlighter. This very refined, shimmery powder looks white in the compact but reads as a sheer wash of dimensional gold. Starting at the brow bone, stamp the product and use a back and forth motion to distribute it under eyebrows and graze the residual in the eye-crease to ensure proper blending. Take another dip and dab right on the inner corner of the eye for an instant brightener. After moments of application, you'll have the look of hours rested. $26.00

To create a little bit of dimension and frame to the lid, use the same brush and dip into #35 Pearl Eyeshadow from FACE Stockholm and buff from the lashline to the crease. The neutral beige tone will offset redness, create shape and add further illumination to tired eyes. Though not particularly shimmery, this tone will catch light and mimic the appearance of fresh, almost dewy skin for very light to medium skin tones. For medium dark to dark complexions, try #17 Pearl Eyeshadow. The golden bronze will deplete darkness and raise your focus; call it an affordable eyelift. $19.00

Stop here and run out the door with a bit of mascara unless you need a little more "umph". MAC Cosmetics offers eyeshadows in rich pigments perfect for lining and giving eyes a dash of drama. Take a short, soft, firm shadow brush and smudge the top and bottom lash lines with Coquette, a muted stoney/taupe color. Deeper skin tones should try Charcoal Brown, a dense but warm earth tone with a sharpness that blends away easily. Get a subtle "smokey" effect by adding layers of the same color and buffing halfway up the lid. $14.50

From this point, feel free to continue to layer and add other colors or even eyeliners of all shapes and styles. Though there are more intricate eye looks to create, starting with these few basics will give eyes a basic, dignified and refined appearance. Your soul certainly deserves no less.

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