Monday, April 25, 2011

The Essentials; Eyebrows

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, I guess that makes the eyebrows, what... like, curtain rods? When I was first learning about makeup, I recall Kevyn Aucoin's book Face Forward remarking about how eyebrows "frame the face" and draw attention to the eyes. I suppose they are due the attention any good furnishing should.

Recently, thick bushy brows have come back into mode. And while I'm not a fan of the super-thin-over-tweezed versions, big and bushy isn't quite my cup of tea either. But, even if bigger is better, a little maintanence is still in order. Located in Manhattan, Lilibeth offers two salons that specialize in brows and skilled sales people wield their Brow Shaping Tool to wack away any unwanted fuzzy strays to keep even the bushiest brows in line. This slightly serrated swing blade is light to the touch and resembles a mini straight razor. But fear not, the blade is dulled just enough to graze skin without nics or cuts and only catches unwanted hairs keeping big brows looking beautifully groomed. $6.00

For those with big brow envy, filling in sparse spots can mimic density without looking drawn in. FACE Stockholm pencils are made for every part of the face but the stone-toned eye pencil " Molly " is perfect for filling in or shaping up brows that could use a bit more girth. Simply lightly drag it in the desired shape and you'll see the color instantly change according to the shade of your skin. Pale complected blondes will see light traces of yellowish-brown, olive tones will see a subdued deep brown, and darker complections get a hint of stoney brown. Light in formula, you get a trace of color to look shapely without being drawn on. $17.00

If you prefer more density, MAC Cosmetics eyeshadows are packed full of pigment. Coquette is another stoney looking color that changes tone once it hits the skin. Though much denser, it's best to use a lighter hand and an angled shadow brush to beef up brows. Since it's a powder, you can stipple it on or use tiny stroke-like-dashes to resemble hair follicles. For just a hint of color or to add some bulge, use this shadow to induce a little brow envy yourself. $14.00

Fuller thicker brows or pencil thin natural looking ones will indeed "frame the face" or finish off any look from day to night or from soft to sexy. Best to have the right tools before baring your soul.

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