Saturday, April 9, 2011

As Seen on TV: "Love Lust & Makeup"

"When I put on red lipstick my husband instantly thinks of blow jobs. Men correlate red lipstick with their penis" -DebiMazar

"Love Lust" is a series on the Sundance Channel whose one-hour episodes;

...will unravel the origin and evolution of various fashion items that we LOVE/LUST. Blending snappy, evocative visual elements with the perspectives of professional commentators and public personalities, LOVE/LUST delivers an entertaining and definitive account of how life’s cultural innovations progressed from novelty to ubiquity.

One particular segment entitled "Love, Lust and Makeup" explores the ins and outs of cosmetics and the influence it has had on the modern world. Offering annecdotes from fashionistas and trend forecasters, the episode follows the recent timeline of innnovations in cosmetics including new technologies and the proliferation of the color red to trends embraced by the people as a result of the economic climate they lived in.

Highlights also include the stages in cosmetic evolution of items like lipstick; from chemist Max Factor who created the first tube to Hazel Bishop who made it smear proof and Charles Revson's Fire and Ice ads that cemented it as a must have beauty item for any woman who wanted to invoke prestige and sex appeal. On the flip side of the spectrum we also get a glance at pioneers in the industry like Bobbi Brown who established the "no makeup look" and made matching the right products to the right skin tone ideal for a woman who matches beauty with strength and confidence. With plenty of visuals citing styles of eras long gone, the viewer can take a journey to see first hand the winged liners of the 50's, 70's andro-punk glamour and even the most recent decades celebrity trends from the likes of Halle Berry and Lady Gaga.

The series also examines the personal relationship women develop with their makeup (sometimes valuing it above health essentials like toothpaste), it's survival in periods of economic disparity (often considered "recession-proof") and even, as Debi Mazar made bluntly apparent, the visceral response it can invoke in men.

To experience the chronicles of the last 100 years of cosmetics, catch "Love, Lust and Makeup" on The Sundance Channel or click here for a viewing schedule.

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