Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Working the Poll; "Not giving face"

I remember rolling out of bed in the morning, throwing on clothes to get ready for school and then waiting in my dad's truck to leave. Waiting for my sister, to be exact.

Though she was only 3 years older than me, the social structure of her new Jr. High School apparently demanded she look primped and dolled every day. This, of course, meant the application of makeup and me tripping over hairspray bottles left in our communal bathroom... when I actually had the opportunity to enter. The endless amount of time I spent waiting... and waiting... and waiting did prompt me to begin walking to school rather than be late again, but I started to notice for the years to follow, this wasn't specific to 7th grade.

Future events like weddings, anniversaries and trips to the grocery store(?) induced preparation on a scale that sometimes warranted my confusion and annoyance prompting me to wonder "when don't you put your face on?". Especially when a close friend of hers accompanied us on a camping trip. Neither of them traversed the mountain ranges without an appropriate shade of lipgloss.

Being a makeup artist, I work with people for special events like film premieres and press junkets seen in magazines and television, so makeup is definitely an important preparation in this case. But, I haven't been hired for trips to the post office... yet.

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