Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tidy brushes.

Brushes are an integral part of my job and to applying makeup in general. Not only will the right ones create flawless application, but they're optimal for stretching the longevity of your products. That is, as long as they remain in good condition. Whether natural bristle or synthetic, keeping brushes clean will keep your look looking fresh.

In my kit, I like to keep a wide variety of brushes and multiples of each one so that I don't have to share between clients. Fortunately I have found some for a pretty fair price so I don't break the bank. But, if for some reason I'm without a duplicate, I like to reach for MAC Brush Cleanser to quickly clean and sanitize bristles so there's no exchange of color or bacteria. Sprayed over a paper towel, simply take your brush and swipe it back and forth repeatedly to disperse the product and continue this movement until completely dry. Made mostly with water and light detergents, the formula boasts Wheat Protein to strengthen bristles and keep them conditioned. $12.00

If by chance you're using emollient based products like cream foundations or lipgloss, you may have to reach for something a bit stronger for mid-gig cleansing. In that situation, I like to keep a small (2oz) bottle of Parian Spirit Brush Cleanser to free brushes of any tacky residue. With a heavy dose of Orange Oil, this antisceptic, water-like formula feels very wet but annihilates makeup in an instant. By pouring a tiny amount in a disposable cup, you can swish brushes gently and dry off with tissue or a terrycloth towel. $7.00

But of course, at the end of the day, there's no reason to keep anything in my kit that hasn't been completely freed of any and all dirt. In this case, I take every brush, duplicate or not, to the sink and reach for a bottle of Suave Coconut Shampoo. I've used everything from baby shampoo to hand soap and even other formulas of this brand, but I find that this version, even with it's somewhat heavy detergents, won't cause fraying or shedding due to it's honey and coconut extracts. Just pour a small amount in the palm of your hand and swirl brushes until the product becomes murky-looking then rinse under lukewarm water. After rinsing, wring them out in a cotton towel and lay them on their side on a clean dry surface overnight. The next day, you'll find your brushes in next-to-new condition. $1.00

Provided you are concious of keeping brushes properly maintained, you'll be sure to avoid any exchange of product or bacteria and the finished application will always look clean and fresh.

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