Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Product Review; "Youngblood Pressed Mineral Compact Foundation"

During another closet excavation that brought my attention to once forgotten products, I came across some sleek, black compacts with a very soft powder and an enviably large mirror.

Youngblood Cosmetics is a tremendously fashion-forward looking brand that is as clean and streamline in packaging as it is in formulation. Using mostly rice starch as it's binding agent, their Pressed Mineral Compact Foundation feels really smooth on skin and provides somewhere between medium and medium-full coverage. Though it's designed to be a mattifying product, I don't really feel like it completely is.

Which is kind of a good thing, actually. Too much drying of skin can be very irritating and makes the appearance of makeup much more prominent. While it does give you pretty good shine control, the finish has a slight sheen that reflects light as if through a filter. Rather than looking dry, complexions look even, soft and natural.

Flip open that mirror and see for yourself.

Youngblood Pressed Mineral Compact Foundation; $39.00

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