Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Product Review; "Guerlain Light-Diffusing Perfecting Primer"

In order to extend the wear of makeup, a primer is generally recommended. Most are made with various elements like silicone or glycerin, the former to fill in pores and the latter to give skin "tack". When skin is properly cleansed and hydrated, the addition of a primer should be the key to a flawless finish.

Guerlain opted to take the glycerin approach but added silica as an absorbant property to aide in controlling shine. But in place of shine there's a bit of titanium dioxide and mica that adds a glimmering effect. The purpose of which is to diffuse light and create a more radiant complexion.

What I've found is that, under foundation, not only does Light-Diffusing Perfecting Primer provide less slip, but the "glimmer" element gets filtered through and looks a bit more like a soft glow. Provided you're wearing coverage that isn't too dense, it adds more radiance or "light diffusion". That's probably why they put it in the title.

On skin, it feels like a serum that stretches over the entire face from just one pump and dries down completely weightless. It also reduces the appearance of redness or irritation so you'd probably end up using less of your coverage products in the long run. I'd feel free to put the primer on even without makeup. Before makeup, it seems to make complexions pretty radiant on it's own.

Guerlain Light-Diffusing Perfecting Primer; $68.00

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