Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Breaking News !!; "Animal-ipstick"

Generally, I like a good red lipstick. Or pretty much any shade in a matte formula. But it seems as though I'm a bit behind on this artists way to wear lipcolor.

Blogger and creative force Paige Thompson has gone a few steps ahead of me when she grabbed face paints and a camera to create a series called "Animal-ipstick". Currently shopping her images to various news outlets via Solent News, she's already created a good amount of buzz since I saw a post on facebook about her most recent work. Curious, I clicked over to find an array of images that inspire quite a bit of reflection into my own approach to doing lips.

Obviously not for my red carpet clients, maybe I'll have to give this look a shot when booking my next editorial. Do those paints come in a matte formula?

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