Saturday, March 5, 2011

Beauty Breakdown; "Animal-ipstick"

When I first saw these images of Animal-ipstick by artist Paige Thompson I couldn't help but crack a smile of amazement. I'm always impressed by people who use their creativity to go outside the norm with a tremedous amount of expertise and technique.

When I got a hold of Paige, I asked her what inspired her and how she came up with the idea for these creations. With no formal training, one day she;

"...began by applying some bright yellow paint onto my lips and thought it'd be neat to add some black stripes. Before I knew it, eyes and other details were added to create a bumblebee. I was eager to try different animals after that."

Once the creative spark was lit, more animals were to follow such as pandas, crabs, frogs and the most popular fox pictured above. For their creation she

"...figured I could just wing it and see where it led me".

Usually drawn to mainstream cosmetic brands like Estee Lauder for everyday use, this project let her to opt for a paint palette from professional makeup supplier Kryolan Makeup. Through ingenuity and experimentation, these creatures have come to life by choosing a range of colors and "...coat(ing) my lips with that color two or three times", letting it set and then using a variety of brushes to create details wherever they seemed suitable. Through trial and error, these awesome creatures have developed and the notoriety to follow.

We hope to see more of Paige's work as her technique develops and, just like any truly creative person, expect to be amazed at the finished product.

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