Friday, February 11, 2011

Working the Poll; Man-locks

I used to have really long hair, but that was just because I had never had it before. But once my roommate moved back to California, I didn't have a professional to take care of it anymore so I shaved it right off. Now it's nothing but short cropped styles for me!

Generally I'm not a big fan of long hair on men, but when I look at Clay Matthews and the magnificent golden locks atop his now proud head, I started thinking, "Hey, maybe I should grow mine out again?". If those strands could help the Green Bay Packers OLB achieve greatness at Super Bowl XLV, there must be something to that long flowing mane of his.

Apparently Suave for Men thinks so, since they have now insured his hair and signed him to a one year contract for promoting their products in upcoming advertisements.

Shoot, I could use the money too. Get Unilever on the phone, I'm gonna start growing my hair again starting NOW!

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