Friday, February 18, 2011

Working the Poll; "Cheap Makeup".

Tonight I have a shoot and as I prepare my kit, I'm looking at my lipstick palettes and thinking I should gather up a few more neutral colors. But as I look through my closet (product archive) I realize that I don't have as many options as I thought I once did.

Probably because I've been clearing out excess items that I've accumulated. But I always hang on to things I know I'll be getting use out of so they probably weren't there to begin with. Rather than head over to Saks and drop a lot of dough on expensive (but worth it) tubes, I feel like I just need a good smathering of colors that can be tossed aside if need be. Plus, I quite like the beauty supply store on the corner with all the little known brands. And price isn't really that huge a concern when it comes to finding products that work since expensive doesn't necessarily translate to effective. Who really needs to pay for fancy packaging and fragrances anyway?

Granted, sometimes there are things that are completely worth the price, but I'm willing to take a chance on brands that don't reach the masses. And even if I've got the money to spend, does that mean I should?

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