Sunday, February 27, 2011

Working the Poll; "Awards Season Behaviour"

And the award goes to... the person with the most insults thrown at them apparently.

In the entertainment industry, there are constant reminders of how the way we look can be far more important than the performance given as stars appearing on Red Carpets continuously get lifted up or torn down for the fashion choices they make. And while an actor attending the 83rd Annual Academy Awards this year may have struggled, fought and sacrificed in a bid to win Oscar gold, being a bit shiny on the forehead or choosing the wrong shade of red lipstick can send audiences at home into a fury of remarks, insults and downright snarkiness.

And women aren't the only ones taking the brunt of the abuse or overwhelming self-conciousness. When accepting his Oscar for the short film "God of Love", actor and director Luke Matheny remarked as he approached the microphone, "I should have cut my hair".

Whether you were at home surrounded by friends, updating your status on Facebook or trying to follow all the live tweets, there was bound to be someone who didn't have anything nice to say. And, unfortunately, they were the ones garnering all the "likes", "reposts" and "retweets". And as clever a turn of phrase it may have been, is it good karma to hash out judgments unless you've been in that particular situation? Or even if you have? Let's try to remember, that's someones work you're commenting on.

Teams of makeup artists, hairstylists, groomers, publicists, actors, singers, agents and dozens of other industry insiders are already fearful of what the cast of The Fashion Police are going to be saying.

Personally, I like to stay positive when it comes to my colleagues and their work and offer advice on improvements only when solicitted. It's better to be constructive and polite to let a client know that you can indeed be trusted not only for your craft but for your profesionalism as well. I'd hate it if someday I did makeup for an Oscar winner only to see my work be trashed by the populace.

Kinda ruins the award, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Bitch you were all over my FB page loving every second of it!

Legend Rivera said...

I'm no angel, I admit it.

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