Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Skin take a beating?

So you say you're a man's man do ya? Spend your days hunting your dinner with your bare hands? Don't have time for no sissy skin care? Well step up Mr. Mucho-Macho, even the big boys need some maintanence from time to time. Not that every man is as likely to incur the kind of beating MMA fighter Josh Koscheck did via George St. Pierre, but from day to day activity, you're sure to inflict some minor, albeit noticable, damage to your skin from the elements around you. But don't put up your dukes just yet; first let's size up the competition before heading into the ring.

Cleansing tends to be the one thing most men take for granted. Not that there's anything wrong with the traditional soap and water, but there's nothing right with stripping skin along with the grime. Traditional soaps are composed of detergents and solvents designed to remove surface dirt from body and hands where skin is tough, rough and can take a pounding. Your face prefers a lighter touch and emollients that soothe and calm irritation. Try Cetaphil Antibacterial Bar Soap's fatty base of emollients that glide over skin grabbing dirt along the way and leaving behind a soft surface that is squeaky clean. Available at any drug store the formula also comes in a liquid, but this bar is ideal for face and body. Hey, just like traditional soap! $4.00

At times you may feel more rugged than others and your face can do with a little aggression. But rather than bust out the Brillo pad, just call on the boys at Anthony Logistics for a good sparring session. Their Facial Scrub has got small spherical beads that, when rubbed over skin, loosen dead skin cells that can cause congestion and rough patches. Best used once to three times a week, this formula even alleviates irritation caused from shaving. Used before reaching for the razor, you'll make all those ingrown hairs come out from hiding ready for the weed-whacking of a lifetime. Infused with essential oils like Mandarin, Grapefruit and Chamomile, this gentle scrubber soothes, calms and even dimishes signs of scarring and stretchmarks. $10.00

Protection really is key to any good bout with the elements and whether you realize it or not, hydration is the best defense. And as I've learned from any good Nordic man, it don't hurt to have one fancy tub in your medicine cabinet. Face Stockholm is known for it's brilliant lipsticks and eyeshadows, but the brand offers tip-top UNISEX skincare that is strong enough to brave even the harshest winters. Orange Cream has a thick base of Shea Butter and Macadamia Nut Oil to saturate parched skin, Portulaca Olecera extract to soothe irritation and calm redness and Nano-Tech delivery method that makes sure every last drop goes right into skin leaving no residue behind. Hydrating skin with an arsenal of botanical and science derived elements, you'll be guarded against any and all free radical damage. $54.00

But maybe you like looking scruffy and skin isn't so much a big deal as those bags under your eyes. For a quick lift you can sneak into MAC Cosmetics while your girlfriend replenishes her Studio Fix and ask the counter rep for a tube of Fast Response Eye Cream. In a discreet white tube this highly caffeinated formula recedes puffiness and adds moisture to relieve tension. Darkness will start to fade as skin begins softening keeping you from looking like you went a few rounds... and lost. $30.00

More often than not, men don't care to seem like they keep a watchful eye on how they look. But it's no secret that coupled with training and preparation, having the right tools in your corner can make your win appear all that much more effortless.

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