Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Quest for Oil

Washing your face is a part of wearing makeup and incurs the perfect opportunity to clear skin of free radicals like smoke, pollution or debris. The best way to maintain a glowing complexion is to wash properly, removing all factors that can lead to deterioration without causing any further damage. Ideally a cleansing oil will both get in deep to remove toxins and leave skin hydrated without irritation. Generally, people shy away from oils thinking they're too "greasy", "heavy" or "messy" to be dealt with and will cause skin to break out or get oilier than it already is. Truth be told, their fears aren't completely unfounded. However, with proper techniques for use and matching formulas that favor your skin, you'll find that you may never have had a better cohort than the once dreaded oil.

Australian Scent is a truly organic brand offering up Cleansing Stream for removing enviornmental toxins. With it's generous grouping of jojoba, evening primrose and lavandula oils, this dense, yet soft, tonic is capable of removing even the toughest makeup including lipgloss and waterproof mascara. Take a slightly dampened cotton pad and apply a few drops then glide over skin to release makeup and grime with no need for rinsing. The natural ingredients leave skin feeling a bit slick at first but then are absorbed in to treat skin with a heaping dose of Vitamin E leaving no visible residue or heavy feeling. $38.00

If botanical ingredients aren't enough Sulwhasoo has integrated science into it's skincare making it's Deep Cleansing Oil an interesting blend of essential oils and synthetic fillers that turn to cream when mixed with water. Ideal for use over eyes and lips, this slightly dry oil feels more like a cleansing lotion but grabs up every bit of makeup and grime and rinses clean away. Infused with white birch extract, this unique cleansing oil induces cell turnover encouraging skin to firm and tighten with each use. Massage into skin with dry fingers in a soft circular motion to remove even the stubbornist of makeup then rinse clean away with lukewarm water. $36.00

But for ladies who don't play when it comes to the "beat", nothing short of an industrial strength cleanser will do. And while MAC Cosmetics is known for some strong colors, it's Cleanse Off Oil is surprisingly gentle. Made with heavy foundation formulas in mind, this mild but rich blend boasts olive fruit oils for their soothing properties and linseed oil for it's ability to break up even the toughest bases. Also using jojoba oil to keep skin moisturized, this no-frills cleanser can even banish body paint without much rubbing. Just continue to move hands over for a few moments and watch them break up before your eyes then rinse clean away without excessive rubbing. All this minus petrolatum based ingredients like mineral oil to keep irritation at bay. $24.00

So fear not when it comes to oils your skin is most compatible with. With proper use, you'll find your face (or body) will feel refreshed, hydrated and soothed... and not the slightest bit greasy.

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