Monday, February 21, 2011

Product Review; "NYX Powder Blush"

Choosing lipstick colors at my local beauty supply store was the main point of my shopping trip late last week, but obviously I couldn't stop there. Alongside the multiple lip shades was a new schematic of products from the makeup firm NYX Cosmetics that boasted a huge array of colors at very agreeable price points.

I decided to play a little with the few testers available and found a product that was sheer in texture, lightweight and pretty densely pigmented. NYX Powder Blush is a formula that, although rich in color, read as looking more like a highlighter on skin. All the tones, depending on your interpretation, are either shimmery or pearlized but offer a good amount of, yet refined, "glow" to the skin. Ideal if you want your skin to look bright without chunks of glitter drawing too much attention.

I liked the array of color choices because it seemed as though each one had multiple shades blended together to create a kind of dimensional effect. I found that most of the gold tones serve well on deeper skin tones without looking "ashy" and seemlessly blend with other powder products like foundation or other blushes. Some colors I thought were a bit too bright, but I got a little excited to play with them and opted to buy them anyway. But, no remorse here, you can't really go wrong with $6 a piece.

NYX Powder Blush; $6


Meanwhile..... said...

Where can you find NYX in NY? I'm so tempted!

Legend Rivera said...

Hey Meanwhile,

You can buy NYX products at pretty much any beauty supply store around the city.
Usually locations that carry misc. beauty essentials and supplies like wig-caps and professional hair color.

Meanwhile..... said...

Humm ok, will check it out. Thanks again!

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