Monday, February 28, 2011

Product Review; "413 Bleecker Pure Matte Lipstick"

Named after the newly opened boutique of the same name, 413 Bleecker is part of the newly launched line of lip colors dubbed Pure Matte Lipsticks.

I like a matte lipstick, ya'll should know that by now. And I think I'm going to have to add NARS as one of my go-to brands alongside other favorites and long trusted stand-bys. The color range of the new collection offers up some great neutrals and basic reds with a definite dry finish, dense color and FULL coverage guaranteed not to travel outside the lip line. Though there is a bit of a drying sensation that I feel and see, when lips are prepped with balm, that sensation goes away. Or you could top it with lip gloss and still get maximum coverage and all day hold.

413 Bleecker stands out from the rest as being a rich earth-tone color that reads as being a bit on the plum-red/terracotta side. It's got the ability to look neutral on deeper skin tones and vivid on lighter ones. It kind of reminds me of the early 90's deep lip trend you saw on 90210. But there's definitely a softer aspect to it that works without looking too severe. It's almost stately and kind of bohemian just like the neighborhood that houses it as an exclusive.

That's right. Unlike the remainder of the Pure Matte Lipstick range, 413 Bleecker is, unfortunately for those outside NYC, only available at 413 Bleecker.

413 Bleecker Pure Matte Lipstick; $25.00

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