Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Field Trip; "MAC Greenwich Village".

In 1984 MAC Cosmetics launched to critical acclaim and cult status to makeup artists all over the Toronto area. As word spread, the industry became inundated with requests for Studio Fix and the iconic Spice Lip Pencil. As the masses were introduced, demand increased even further prompting the owners to expand into department stores and in 1991 the first freestanding boutique at 14 Christopher Street. As the brand continued to build momentum, they outgrew their West Village location and moved to outlets all over Manhattan including a Times Square location and duty free posts around the world.

Having conquered global expansion, MAC triumphantly returned to the Village in December 2010 with a brand new location at 353 Bleecker Street. While all locations are built to suit the needs of it's clients, MAC Greenwich Village stands out from the rest as holding the title of "smallest MAC store in the world".

The exact dimensions escape me, but when I walked in the door, I distinctly remember thinking I better not move too swiftly for fear of knocking something over. But, even a bull such as I couldn't do much damage as all the fixtures are afixed to the ceiling securely with levels of product in clear view and easily accessible. All the usual suspects were available including the vast variety of eyeshadows, foundations for face and body as well as the perfect eye brush.

Indeed there was quite a bit of planning that went into this location's layout when you think about the extensive product list in MAC's arsenal. The only drawback could be when the store gets a bit too busy to handle demand like the holiday season or possibly Halloween? I couldn't be sure whether I'd like to return on a day when it's likely to be busy but the staff seemed very comfortable in their surroundings and were amicable acknowledging the locations limitations.

In the 15-20 minutes I was in the store, I saw quite a few customers come and go leaving with bags full of goodies and not one complaining about being in anyone elses way. Of course, most were residents of the area and did little to no browsing. Rather, they made quick eye contact with an artist and requested exactly what they needed. Comforting to know that service isn't taking a hit when it comes to providing for clients and sales don't show any signs of stopping.

So I guess it's no big deal being the "smallest MAC store in the world". With the kind of demand I witnessed, I'd say "size doesn't matter".

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