Thursday, February 17, 2011

Beauty Breakdown; "Rochambeau FW11"

Rochambeau is one of the more creative menswear brands that offers intriguing designs that easily translate from the runway to the sidewalks. The latest collection boasts pieces from tailcoats and hoodies to knit shirts and skinny pants all in an enviable color palette of subdued neon-tones and classic primaries with a vintage, distressed yet classy and finished feel. For last nights presentation the hair and makeup teams took the same cue when it came to grooming. The inspiration was a daredevil who never does what he's supposed to do... including wearing sunblock.

Ironically enough, Nadine Luke, Senior Artist at MAC Cosmetics started these boys off with Prep+Prime Protect that boasts SPF 50 then slapped a pair of sunglasses on them and surrounding the exposed areas with Laid Back Blushcreme using a large powder brush to recreate that "well-groomed sunburn". Using a bit of foundation over the lips and a matte highlighting powder around the eyes, the skin looked freshly baked under the sun before it turned cracked and dried out. Truly a man who knows how to get roughed up and look good doing it.

For hair, we turned to Leonardo Manetti, co-founder of ION Studio NYC, one of the most prestigious salons in all of Manhattan. His interpretation included the use of two new products from the naturally based hair-care line; Davines. #14 Sea Salt Primer was used to make a rough, dry texture and then #13 Mat Forming Ground to style and keep the hair looking strategically disheveled. To finish, he reached for Hair Powder by Lulu Organics which created a heady dusty cast over the top as if it were tussled by the sands and wind of a days worth of adventures. And since none of these products have Beeswax, Petrolatum or other dense compounds, all the products came clean away with just regular water.

To stay up to date with Rochambeau, visit their blog here.

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